Wireless Utilities in Sporting Appliance

Utilizing digital sensing technologies and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless link, wusa develops innovative devices for sport activities and tracking. Wusa designs are highly integrated with motion sensors which collects the physical data while doing the exercise. By sensor fusion algorithm performed by micro controller in the SoC (System on a Chip), the raw data will be computed in terms of orientation, linear acceleration, velocity, moving vector, and even the motion power if the stress is read from the sport equipment. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission, the exercise information will be sent to a smartphone or tablet. The featured app tells you how you do your exercise by showing the data or animations on your smartphone. You may try to improve your sport performance from analyzing the sport data from the device mounted on your sporting facility or wusa BLE wearable devices. You may also share your sport experiences to your friends through your smartphone.


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