wusa Spindo

wusa Spindo series offers following solutions:

  • Speed sensor
  • Cadence sensor
  • Power meter


bluetooth low energy speed and Cadence Sensor compatible with zwift

Spindo is a speed sensor as well as a cadence sensor and can be configured by app setting.

  • Track your real-time pedaling cadence per minute
    • By digital sensing technology, Spindo counts the spinning cycle without magnet. You don’t need to worry about the alignment between the sensor piece and magnet. Simply tie your Spindo on your crank or drum, setting it up on your smartphone app, and it works.
    • No magnet needed
    • Attaches to any size of crank arm
    • Long battery life
    • Waterproof
    • Compatible with halfords/GARMIN cadence sensor functions


                  As Spinning Cycle is important for the algorithm to 

                  calculating the speed and cadence.


  • Spinning Cycle
    • Featured by algorithm, Spindo is able to count the exact spinning Cycle. You may ask why is counting spinning Cycle important? The more accurate spinning cycle we get, the more correct RPM will be calculated. Spindo has a stronge calculating technology to handle this precisely. After all, users won’t want to buy an inaccurate speed and cadence sensor. Besides that, Spinning cycle is a sign for pro bikers to do their trainings. Therefore, to count the spinning cycle correctly is definitely important, if you are not a pro biker, it doesn’t matter at all. You can still compete your spinning cycle with your friends and see who is the best. Using the data which Spindo provides, users are allowed to trace their status and see if they have improve themselves. Just like using a spinning bike, Spindo allows the user to enjoy the same function as using a spinning bike, but it’s portable,wireless and light.


  • Compatible with BLE smartphone and ANT+ cycle computer
    • You can easily receive your speed or cadence information on your cycling computer or bike speedometer as well as your Bluetooth smartphone app.


  • Compatible with indoor cycling/indoor spinning apps
    • Virtual indoor cycling platform has been developed in the market. One of the apps that are widely use by people is the zwift. No need to worry, Spindo are compatible with all kinds of indoor cycling apps such as Topeak Panobike+,Wahoo/Wahoo Fitness, zwift, velodash, IpBike, Ala cycling.
  • Spindo application examples
    • Higher cadence using small gear makes our muscle burn our fats which means more higher aerobic performance. On the other hand, lower cadence using high gear makes our muscle burn glycogen which means you will get fatigue more quickly. Then what is the best RPM goal for a beginner cyclist to reach? You can find out your best RPM by using Spindo and you will have to maintain a steady cadence to get your current best RPM. But if you want to increase your RPM, there is no shortcut to improve your RPM from 30 to 90.By calculating the output power, you can use these data and train yourself to sustain on a steady cadence with a lower output power, so that you can know if you are pedaling right.


Cycling Power meter

Cycling Power Meter

Cycling power is an indicator to tell how much energy from your feet to make the bicycle moves. By sensing the cadence of pedaling and force on the crank or pedal, WUSA develops the algorithm to tell the output power on your riding.

Collecting data on cycling computer and smartphone

Spindo-P equips with ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication chip, you may receive your real time data from

  • Cycling computer
  • Smartphone APP


Riding improvement

Is your riding optimum? Spindo-P tells. By sensing the pitch angle of your foot for your pedaling improvement, you will feel less fatigue and remains the same power output.


OEM / ODM Solutions available

wusa is experienced in implementation on both crank and pedal for world class bicycle and pedal business partners.