WUSA is committed to contribute the design resources in student training. Project Futrack is one of the exercises to the interns. The program 2019 is based on 3 major researches:

  • Sensor fusion
  • Bluetooth low energy 
  • Mesh network

and those are implemented in Futrack design.

Program conductor – This program is conducted by WUSA funder Mr. Lay.  The students are guided from testing through programming by WUSA engineers. Those who with outstanding performance during the program period will be invited to join WUSA  after graduation from school. 

Fu-Jen Catholic University –The Electrical Engineering department of Fu-Jen Catholic University is the main cooperated school of this program. The program is open to senior and junior grade students.  Professor Dr. Liu and Dr. Chuang are the mentors to the project students, and enhance them the theories beyond the classroom.

Project Futrack

Futrack is designed to trace the foot motions of football players. It will be tired on the legs or made in stockings.  

By digital sensing technology and sensor fusion algorithm, it tells the orientation, the acceleration as well as the calculated data, such as step cadence, to the coach and player by sending the information to a smartphone, tablet or portable computer. A featured APP will be associated with Futrack for reading the real time information. 

Futrack prototype is applicable in  shootout, flying header and dribbling analysis meanwhile. The algorithm will be fine tuned and more features will be developed in the coming months.