Bluetooth 4.0 BLE & Wearable Device

With digital sensing and smartphone app, wusa Smart creates innovative wearable devices for sport activities and tracking.

Wireless Utilities in Sporting Appliance

Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, and digital sensing technologies, wusa Smart creates innovative wearable devices for sport activities and tracking. Wusa BLE wearable devices are the highly integration of sensors which tells you how you do your exercise by showing the data or animations on a Blueooth 4.0 smartphone Bluetooth app. You may try to improve your sport performance from analyzing the sport data from wusa BLE wearable devices. You may also share your sport experiences to your friends from your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone. 

March 4, 2019

Conducted by IAPS and HYPE, the Spin Accelerator program was kicked-off in September 2018 for sport innovation.  WUSA team presents wusa bicycle power meter, which is installed on your crank or pedal, and measuring your cycling power, and offers a portable power meter solution. You can install this power meter on your bike crank as well as any training facilities. This helps the consumers to quantity the workout result. And even improve the sport training.  

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Any kind of sports or exercises help you to burn the Calorie. The power is how much the energy you output in your workout per second. It comes the multiple of force and movement.

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Electronic signage with BLE mesh

Utilize the BLE mesh technology with ePaper (e-ink), wusa signage offers the most convenient price label solution to the world. It benefits the deployment by :

  • Remote price update
  • Extending the wireless connection range by BLE mesh network
  • Less power consumption

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motion detector with anti-theft alert

RPM Sensor


cycling cadence sensor



golf putting guide



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