• E-paper (or E-ink) display
  • Bluetooth wireless link technology
  • Content update through smartphone or tablet

Why need WUSA ESL?

The information on your e-Paper display will last forever, even without battery. It provides a clear and neat looking compared to traditional paper label. One of the benefits is information update is within minutes.

WUSA ESL provides you an easy deployment to your applications:

  • Simply scan your ESL ID bar code with WUSA smartphone APP
  • Select your desired format and key-in information
  • Setup completed and ready to use
  • Contain modification can be batch updated

WUSA ESL APP features the variety of preset formats for your needs. The item description can be linked to your ERP database for your business expansion.

Scan the bar code with featured app


  • Supermarket & retail store
  • Hospital & pharmacy
  • Name plate & baggage tag
  • Warehouse, casino…
  • and any places where to publish information