Plunk GreenPlay


Plunk GreenPlay is a golf training product. It consists of a hardware for reading greens (GreenPlay+) and both Android APP and iPhone APP as your golf putting tutor. The GreenPlay+ is an advanced putting techniques for golf. It is a small, stylish Bluetooth Smart (BLE) device that the golfers can carry in their pocket during a practice round. It is designed to be placed on the green with aimpoint at the cup to collect the multi-dimensional slope information about the green. It will then send the data wirelessly to the GreenPlay App on the golfers' smart phones. With the real time simulation of the green slope data, together with Green Speed, distance to the hole, distance control, grain variation input by the user, the GreenPlay APP will then output putting tips with a suggested Aim Target (aiming left/right, putt long/short) to help the amateurs visualize how the putt will break and raise the success rate of aiming in the right direction and learn how to putt better.    Powered by a coin battery with an advanced intelligent power management system on the already low-powered Bluetooth Smart silicon, GreenPlay+ will work for months with a coin battery. GreenPlay is one of the best golf training aids and guides you how to putt. The free download APP is now available for both iOS and Android system. 


What it works?

 Simply put the GreenPlay+ behind the ball, aiming to the hole, quote the distance to the hole, the GreenPlay APP shows to where to aim for your next putt. 


How GreenPlay works ?

GreenPlay+ is featured with digital sensing technology, and calculate the green slope at where it is placed. 

GreenPlay APP

 A few taps on the screen get you aiming in the right direction. From green speed and variation, to your distance control and distance to the hole, all are configurable giving you a tailored aim target for every putt.  Easy to follow and comprehensive aiming instruction is shown right over your target. Real-life references like the golf ball, the hole and even your very own putter grip and putter are used to help you visualize where to position the Aim Target. 


Plunk GreenPlay Test Drive - 18 footer downhill sideslope putt